Ayam Brand Baked Bean

    Ayam Brand Baked Bean

    • Big and tender imported Great Northern Beans
    • Tasty tomato sauce
    • 230g - Serve 1 to 2


    Ingredients: Beans, Tomato Sauce [Sugar, Tomato Paste, Contains Modified Tapioca Starch as Permitted Food Conditioner, Salt, Vinegar, Mixed Spices Seasoning (Onion, Garlic, Cinnamon, Contains Anticaking Agent as Permitted Food Conditioner, Soya Bean Oil)]

    Nutrition Information

    Servings per package Serving Size
    2 115g (1/2 can)
    Nutrition Per Serving Per 100g
    Energy 115 kcal 100 kcal
    Protein 4.8g 4.2g
    Fat 0.5g 0.4g
    CarbohydrateCarbo- hydrate 20.6g 17.9g
    Sodium 343 Mg 298 Mg

    Packaging :
    1 ctn x 230gm x 48
    1 ctn x 425gm x 24